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Here's how it works!

1. Register an account, then login.

2. Deposit money through PayPal.

3. Upload your links for checking in a plain txt file, process the links, then download the result file.




Are all your backlinks indexed in Google?

If you're backlinks are indexed in google, great, all your efforts have been worthwhile. You will climb the serps and become top of page one.

How do you know if they are indexed in google?

It was always a case of checking in google to see if you're backlinks were indexed using the command. This command is no longer working in google.

How about Well that's okay for your own domain, but try it on your backlinks and google does not return the right results.

So we have to come up with another method of checking google.

Here at we have devoloped our own method. We keep this method to ourselves, as whenever a method is released publically, that method soon becomes useless.

How accurate can you reliably check if you're backlinks are indexed in google?

Whichever command is used to check the indexation of backlinks in google, it's always subject to how google deals with the command. Google has different data centres throughout the world, and as far as we can ascertain, but it takes time to update the data centres. Google has a huge amount of data to deal with at the same time, and no matter how quick it updates data, you will still find not all data centres hold all the same data.

How accurate is index checking?

Accuracy of index checking is not perfect, but we achieve around a 98% accuracy rate for our checking. Its not possible to get a 100% accuracy because of the problems outlined above. However this method of checking indexing is good enough to show if you're links are indexed in google.

Is your backlink really indexed? How do you check?

Here we present examples of how google answers your query.

The first is a query from the uk to, the link is not indexed from google.

The second query is from uk to with with us settings on the browser. Still not indexed.

However if you start accessing google from around the world through proxies, you get a very different result. Look at the red arrows in the following image.

If we access (US) through foreign, Russian, Chinese and Italian proxies, the link is indexed. All of these queries were done within 5 minutes of each other. Clearly google is using some sort of location to give different results.

The question of is your backlink indexed is a difficult one to answer. Clearly if you access google from around the world, it could be, access it locally and it may not. This is why you need to check from around the world if your link is indexed.

Index checker

How many backlinks can i check the indexing for in google?

The second problem of checking to see if you're backlinks are indexed in google, is google does not like you to do this. Google will object if you check more than 15+ links too quickly. This is fine for a small amount of backlinks, but when you need to check in bulk, it becomes a severe problem.

To get round this, it's time to use some tricks. You then resort to proxies, to try and fool google. You try public proxies, and then find every one else has already used the same proxies for google checking, and they are banned.

You then think about having to buy private proxies, and find yourselves going through a number of proxy providers, as each one promise's 'fresh google proxies' but in reality you find the same siutuation, they don't work.

Finally you may find a proxy supplier that works, and you ask the question, how many proxies do I need to check indexing? Doing the maths, you quickly find out that you need a decent number of proxies. You can only use each proxy once in 80 seconds otherwise google will ban the proxy. So 80 proxies are needed if you want to check each proxy every second for resonably quick checking.

How much does that work out to be, look around, it soon becomes expensive.

What do we offer with this google indexed pages checker? We offer a solution to index check you're backlinks in google in bulk.

Leave the proxies, the commands and the problem's to us. We can can check in bulk for a fixed price, if your backlinks are indexed in google. Simply upload a plain txt file of backlinks/urls, and then download the results in a csv file. Three result files are available, the first contains both indexed and non-indexed results, the remaining two files contain seperate indexed, and non-indexed results.

Give it a go now, we offer a free 20 link as a trial for testing.



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